November 23, 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

The meeting agenda can be found here:

Student Services Report

Director of Inclusion Services Camille Quinton shared her Student Services Accountability Report to the board for information. The Student Services team is responsible for providing a variety of programming support to students and staff that includes special education supports, counseling, student leadership, early childhood programming, speech and language therapy, social work, psychology and health supports. It was noted that there has been an increase in students requesting mental health support in schools as a result of the ongoing COVID pandemic. Priority around health and wellness in schools continues to be emphasized.

Audited Financial Statements

Assistant Secretary Treasurer Candice Hintz presented the 2020-2021 Audited Financial Statements for approval. It was noted that factors impacting the previous year’s budget included lower enrollment compared to spring projections, the implementation of a new funding model that included a weighted moving average per student calculation, and funding for COVID-19 to recover additional costs for subs, new technology and the implementation of the Home Plus Learning Program. For the 2020-2021 year, the division posted a total accumulated surplus of $10,424. This includes a surplus of $486,870 in Instruction, a deficit of $1,152,127 in Operations and Maintenance, a surplus in Transportation of $449,322, a surplus of $197,386 in System Administration and a surplus in External Services of $8,125. Auditors, MNP LLP, indicated no issues with the audit process and provided a clean audit opinion. The full financial statements and audit opinion can be found in the board meeting agenda package.

The board passed two motions related to the audited financial statements:

2021-2022 Revised Budget

Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser presented the revised 2021-2022 budget for approval. Assumptions of the revised budget included no interruptions in Alberta Education funding due to COVID-19, a decrease in enrollment of 69.5 FTE students from projections, a decrease in insurance premiums and no changes to the salary grids for teachers or support staff. In comparison to the spring projected budget, the division is now forecasting a deficit of $630,195, down from $733,873 for a difference of $103,678. This amount includes an instructional surplus of $128,373, a deficit of $918,747 in Operations and Maintenance, a surplus of $153,360 in Transportation and a surplus of $6,819 in External Services. It was noted that unlike previous years, System Administration (previously called Board and System Administration) is a separate grant, rather than a maximum percentage of overall expenses. The full budget can be found in the board meeting agenda package.

Annual Education Results Report

Superintendent Reagan Weeks presented the Annual Education Results Report for approval. The report is now separate from the annual Education Plan and focuses on five new domains in connection with the new assurance model. The new domains include; Student Growth and Achievement, Teaching and Learning, Learning Supports, Governance and Local Context. It was noted that overall results are really strong in Prairie Rose and reflect the excellent efforts of staff, students and communities who have worked hard to provide and participate in unique learning experiences, despite the challenges related to COVID-19. The complete Results Report can be found in the board agenda package.